Talk about some big d*ck energy.

A naughty NFT artist called Dickasso has been making a killing selling crude pixelated pictures of male genitalia on Cumrocket’s recently launched NSWF NFT platform.

He’s sold 102 different NFTs of the male organ since October 29 for a total of 2.54 million CUMMIES, according to crypto platform CumRocket. At US4c a CUMMIE, that’s a little over US$100,000 in CUMMIES tokens.

“This creator’s sales were achieved without a big following in the first place; they gained completely organic traction on our marketplace, which shows you what’s possible at CumRocket!” said company founder and chief executive Lydia Lane.

Some of his biggest sales include CryptoPix #46, “Count Dickula,” a Dracula-themed phallus, which sold for 50,000 CUMMIES (US$2,000) in a secondary sale ; CryptoPrix #95, a “groin ninja” that went for 42,000 CUMMIES ($1,680); and Cryptorprix #90, “Vlad the Impaler,” which also sold for 42,000.

CumRocket’s platform was envisioned as a way for adult entertainers to connect with fans, as a sort of crypto OnlyFans. But Dickasso has made about twice that of erinxeddie, the next-leading creator on the platform.

“The people like what the people like,” tweeted Emily, CumRocket’s head of product, who been adding to her 55-image (very NSFW) NFT collection .

“The models that have caught on to the NFT game are closing in fast.”