January was a horror month for cryptos but a handful of projects managed to rack up impressive gains.

Of the top 300 coins by market capitalisation, just 15 were in the green for January, as of Monday afternoon. Two hundred and fifty-eight had suffered losses, 16 were flat and 11 were newly launched.

Machine Xchange Coin (MXC) was the biggest gainer, rising 81.6 per cent to US0.095c. The No. 243 crypto, MXC is an “ERC-20 token used for device transactions conducted through the MXC Supernode network,” according to the project’s website.

MXC is building a global data network, the project says.

Sydney-founded Chrono.tech’s TIME token was the second-biggest gainer,  rising 56.5 per cent to US$274. Chrono.tech describes itself as a 30-person fintech focusing on HR solutions for business.

“We believe that blockchain technology is the key to unlocking a new world of employment opportunities that anyone can access, wherever they are in the world, and ensuring they are paid promptly and fairly,” its website reads.

Chrono.tech is the No. 264 crypto, according to Coingecko.

Juno Network, the No. 121 crypto, was the third-biggest gainer, rising 53.7 per cent.

World Mobile Token, Spookyswap, Power Ledger, Telos, CoinMetro Token, Econmi, Anyswap, Cratos, DEAPcoin, FTX Token and GateToken were the other winners for the month, according to Cryptorank.

The biggest loser for the month was Wonderland’s TIME token, which fell 88.9 per cent during January following revelations that its treasury manager “Sifu” was Michael Patryn,  a convicted financial criminal who spent time in jail.

Wonderland started as a fork of Olympus, which was the next-biggest loser in January, falling 79.7 per cent to $61.

In addition to Wonderland and Olympus, 23 other projects in the crypto top 300 saw their value fall by more than half in January: Spell Token, Smooth Love Potion, UFO Gaming, Moonriver, Gala Games, Metahero, Sushi, xSushi, Anchor Protocol, Biconomy, Ethereum Name Service, Loopring, Kadena, Mirror Protocol, Mask Network, Aragon, OriginTrail, Vader Protocol, Merit Circle, Injective Protocol, MetisDAO, Mobox and Ceek VR.

With just a few hours left in January yesterday afternoon, Bitcoin was down 20.1 per cent for the month, while Ethereum had fallen 31.8 per cent. Among top 10 coins, Solana was the biggest loser in January, falling 47.1 per cent.