An NFT-based game is gathering momentum as it prepares to launch on the XRP Ledger smart contract platform later this year.

Love Monster on Wednesday announced it was partnering with Klever Wallet and the Klever ecosystem to support its token and forthcoming marketplace.

The project is the brainchild of London’s Liam Love and Sydney’s Sadaf Jadran, who hope to release the play-to-earn mobile game at a VIP launch party in Las Vegas in May.

“The XRP community is pretty strong, and they’ve all been waiting for something like this,” Jadran, 32, told Stockhead.

“I think what separates us is that we’ve already got working utility, we’ve got an incredible CEO and founder (Love) who’s also the lead artist, and he codes and develops everything himself. And we’ve got a great team that we’ve worked with for over a decade, bringing utility to life already.”

The game seems a bit similar to Axie Infinity, but it involves breeding and battling “Love Monsters” – NFTs that can be bought and sold on the blockchain.

“So the game itself is obviously is on Android and iOS, we’ve got a breeding compatibility as well, which is basically how you can earn more Love Monsters,” Jadran says.

“What people look for is a passive income – and that’s what we’re trying to provide. You’re locking up two Monsters for a 30, 60, 90 day period, and you’ll earn an additional Monster, and that’s also a way to reward holders and the community.”

The longer the lockup, the rarer the Love Monster hatches from the breeding program, Jadran says.

Players will earn rewards in xLoveMonster tokens, which can be exchanged for NFTs and in-game power-ups from the Love Monster marketplace.

There’ll also be tournaments and a “Monster Planet” metaverse to explore.

The token supply has been “blackholed,” meaning no more can be created, she adds. The Love Monsters are currently selling for 2000 XRP (US$1,480) as part of the launch, although next week that price increases to 3500 XRP ($2,590). Early Monsters sold for 333 XRP last year, with investors snapping up US$1 million worth.