Raoul Pal, a former Goldman Sachs exec/trader turned markets analyst who’s well known within the crypto-investing landscape, is well and truly in the bullish camp for Bitcoin and Ethereum at present.

British-born Pal, who runs a macro financially focused media outlet called Real Vision, has become one of the most vocal and recognisable commentators on the crypto market over the past couple of years and is firmly of the opinion that the tech sector, very much including the crypto market, is lining up for a significant bull run.

Ark Invest CEO Cathie “I’ve Bet the Absolute Farm on Tech and Bitcoin” Wood must be nodding her head almost clean off every time Pal posts something or appears on a YouTube channel.


An ‘Exponential Age’ for tech and crypto

Here’s Pal, telling his 996,000 Twitter followers that the tech boom, which he believes is an ongoing, “secular adoption trend” he calls the “Exponential Age”, couldn’t be clearer.

He first points to the NDX, the movement of the heavily tech-laden Nasdaq US stock index, then shows Bitcoin’s similarly upwards-and-to-the-right long-term trend…

Pal, who is a particular fan of Ethereum (ETH), but also Bitcoin (BTC), notes that crypto as a whole “is the best-performing asset this year” and that it is a big part of his Exponential Age thesis, set to “outperform the global liquidity crisis and ALL other assets”.

He caveats that yes, there will be corrections, but that “all dips are to be bought”.

But what about the uncertain macro climate?

As we’ve just seen over the past 48 hours or so, US politicians appear to be (surprise, surprise) resolving their debt-ceiling impasse. Pal seems to be of the opinion that a bout of Quantitative Easing could return again before very long, setting markets off once again. Money printer goes brrrr and all that.


The metaverse? Still bullish?

Pal’s Twitter feed is full of gold dust for crypto-narrative speculators, too. Here, he is (below) making a pretty bold call on a sub-plot that’s certainly faded since this time last year – the metaverse.

We’ve been noticing an Apple-metaverse-related narrative here recently ourselves, hearing rumours about the traps that the tech giant is set to release a “mixed reality” VR headset. Pal seems to think June 5 might be a significant date in that particular storyline…

One last Pal tweet… This one plays into his bullish case for Ethereum, which centres around its blockchain utility and staking capabilities.

Pal, who, for some reason, regularly cops flak from “Bitcoin maxis” for talking up Ethereum, suggests that he is finding the latest Ordinals and BRC-20-led Bitcoin blockchain activity “highly, highly amusing”. In his view it proves the Bitcoin network is adapting to an Ethereum-like utility narrative.