The Sydney production studio behind the blockchain horseracing game Zed.Run has launched a new metaverse involving fully customizable nude NFT avatars.

Human Park is a project of gaming company Virtually Human Studio (VHS) and Moore Park virtual reality production company Spectre Studios, which VHS acquired in January.

“Everyone has heard about this concept of the Metaverse, we thought, isn’t it interesting how everybody is trying to define what the metaverse is?” said VHS chief executive Chris Laurent.

“We wanted to plan the space of blended experiences and instead, journey alongside the community and work with them to figure out what the future could be.”

Over the weekend Human Park started allowing people on their waitlist to build their own free faceless nude avatars, customising their physiques and tattoos.

“Each Nude is a blank canvas of who you will become. Your Nude will allow you to traverse and experience Human Park,” the Human Park website says.

Once the nude is customised, users can lock it and the avatar NFT will be airdropped to users’ wallets at a later date.

There’ll be a desktop application that users can download – and eventually a mobile app – that’ll let people use their avatar to explore a virtual world – one that looks more sophisticated than either Decentraland or The Sandbox.

Over 30,000 peole are on the waitlist, Human Park says.