Planning on getting married but don’t fancy leaving the couch or taking an eye off your crypto trades? Then you definitely need help, but you might like this… The Sandbox metaverse has just hosted its first digital wedding.

To be clear, it was a hybrid thing, with some “in real life” festivities, too. The latter of which you might want to hope included the couple’s first night together as crypto nerd and wife.

The newly minted husband and wife are a Singaporean couple – Joanne Tham and Clarence Chan (CEO of Singaporean music company Bandwagon, if that’s important) – and they tied the virtual (and IRL) knot in a “seventies disco glam”-themed wedding on September 17.

The venue(s)? Partly in an unspecified real-world hotel with a few selected guests. And, as mentioned, partly inside the blocky digital world of The Sandbox, which is one of the biggest and most successful decentralised metaverse projects in development – owned by crypto investment and blockchain-gaming incubation giant Animoca Brands.

Incidentally, those are enterprises we’ve covered numerous times in Coinhead as they’re hugely influential names in the industry. Animoca, in particular, continues to spread its tentacles further and further across the weird and wacky, wide world of crypto/NFT gaming, while The Sandbox keeps on landing partnerships with big brands and celebs.

Regarding the couple’s virtual wedding venue, though, that took place in a detailed digital replica of prestigious Singaporean venue The Alkaff Mansion, which is apparently renowned for its garden weddings. (The variety that you can actually touch.)

The couple, celebrant and other remote guests (including a dog by the looks of things) were digitally represented by avatars in The Sandbox’s unique voxel style.

Notably, the official celebrant was actually The Sandbox’s co-founder and COO, Sebastien Borget.

The wedding was organised as a collaboration between The Sandbox, Web3 design agency Smobler Studios and 1-Group, which manages the real-life Alkaff Mansion.

“We are glad to be able to pave the way for the future of weddings and intimate gatherings, where great memories are forged in a space where we can keep replaying it,” noted Jessie Tan, who works for The Alkaff Mansion as a marketing rep.

“The Alkaff Mansion was wonderfully replicated in The Sandbox by Smobler Studios,” she further marketed, according to a press release.

The couple apparently sealed the union with a virtual kiss. Probably no tongues, as it’s a wedding after all. Although it sounds like The Sandbox can probably build that in, if that were to be required…

“A digital wedding is so customisable it can be shaped as far as one’s imagination takes them,” reads the press release. “Couples can let their fantastical dreams come true across the globe, all without the costs and limitations of a physical wedding in a post-pandemic world.”

Fancy rappelling from a giant blimp of Jerome Powell’s arse, wearing a blue diamond-studded space suit while your betrothed bounces down the aisle on a llama unicorn with pogo-stick legs? All accompanied by anthropomorphised shiba inus dressed as leprechauns riding unicycles and hurling golden hardware wallets full of Dogecoin into the air? Dreams can come true.