Meme coins are back, baby.

Dogelon Mars, Shiba Inu and YooShi were the best-performing of the top 300 cryptos in October, rewarding hodlers astronomical gains.

Dogelon was the biggest gainer, soaring 3,316 per cent — 34-fold! — to become the No. 102 crypto, according to Cryptorank.




The ERC-20 token appears to have no particular use case other than, well, memes and fun.

Shib was up 842 per cent for the month, and yesterday was jockeying with Dogecoin for the No. 9 spot on the coin rankings.

YooShi finished October up 768 per cent, and has gained 1,331 per cent over the past three months.

It’s a Binance Smart Chain token that has developed a whole meme marketplace and gamepad.

Cryptorank lists it as the No. 125 coin, although other platforms put it smaller.

Hoge Finance, CryptoMines, Spell Token, Jasmy and Zenon all had stellar Octobers as well, rising from eight- to five-fold.

Spell is the best known and biggest token among those; it’s the incentivisation token for Magic Internet Money, a multichain stablecoin.

Also, Radio Casa, StarLink, Kadena, Secret Network and Popsicle Finance were all up between 493 and 275 per cent.

Outside of the top 300, Catecoin, the No. 319 crypto, had an even better month – soaring 5,655 per cent.

It’s a Binance Smart Chain cat-themed token.

On the flip side, Vectorspace AI (VXV) had the worst month of any top 300 token, falling nearly 40 per cent.

Ergo, Pirate Chain, eCash, Flow and Electroneum were all down by between 29 and 25 per cent.

On-chain derivative platforms cooled off in October after a heady month of September.

Futureswap fell 31 per cent, dYdX fell 23 per cent and Mango Markets dropped 21 per cent.

Bitcoin gained 28 per cent over the month and Ethereum jumped 30 per cent.

In the top 50, Fantom was the second biggest gainer (behind Shib), followed by THORChain. Both cryptos roughly doubled during the month.