Sydney-based Smart Token Labs has partnered with crypto gaming guild Perion to create a token that’ll reward the guild’s top-performing gamers.

The SRNFT token will reward the top 100 Perion scholars from Season 19 of Axie Infinity, based on their finishing positions.

“Season rewards NFTs are an innovative way to reward our player base, in both a tangible and digital sense,” said Perion co-founder Mitch Penman-Allen.

“Optimising for player engagement and participation drives value for the Perion DAO as a whole, and gives our players a real sense of belonging and achievement. Smart Token Labs operates at the forefront of the NFT interoperability and we’re excited to partner with them and continue building into 2022.”

The tokens can be used to unlock rewards on Deep Sea Merch.

SRNFT is built using TokenScript, an open-source framework that Smart Token Labs is aiming to make a key building block of Web 3.0.

“Utility unlocks new interoperability for NFTs,” says co-founder Victor Zhang. “Think of TokenScript as the decentralized hinge between NFTs, wallets, websites, and third-party platforms by leveraging the security of smart contracts.

“We see tokens as the building blocks of Web3, unlocking rich utility and function across gaming and the metaverse. An exciting application is the use of tokens to bridge web2 and web3 and create surprise and delight experiences like we are doing here in partnership with Perion.”

Olympus DAO moves to Balancer

Decentralised reserve currency OlympusDAO has relocated $50 million in liquidity from Sushi to Balancer, with more funds possibly on their way.

The migration will let Olympus Pro’s defi partners conduct fundraising in Olympus DAO’s OHM token using Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools.

There hadn’t been sufficient OHM liquidity in the pools until now to conduct such an auction, according to Olympus.

Olympus is moving $25 million in OHM tokens and $12.5 million in both DAI and Ether, to set up a 50/25/25 liquidity pool.

CopperLaunch and PrimeDAO have teamed to facilitate a frontend for projects that want to use the pool to raise capital in a permissionless way.

No more ‘wen whitelist,’ no more gatekeepers, no more geographical barriers,” Balancer said.