When Bitcoin moves, it sure moves. The OG crypto has blasted past its old all-time high of US$64.8K, and some altcoins are taking advantage, happily jumping into its slipstream.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) has been pumping way faster than this reporter can type. That’s actually not saying much, but trust us, the thing’s been moving. It’s currently up more than 6.5 per cent since this time yesterday and a short time ago broke $US65K, swiftly followed by $66K and then $67K – all in the space of about one hour.

The entire market cap, meanwhile is also making another all-time high, currently flexing at US$2.759 trillion, give or take a few hundred million. It’s up 6.1 per cent since this time yesterday.

There are plenty of other coins jumping in on the action, too, and we’ll get to some of those further below. But just quickly, Bitcoin’s 2iC, Ethereum (ETH) looks like it’s in bull-mode, too, having once again breached the US$4,000 “psychological resistance” level. It’s +6.89 per cent over the past 24 hours.

And whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or something else right now, Crypto Twitter is predictably getting all chest-thumpy…

And gotta love this one from the Stock to Flow (S2F) predictive-chart creator PlanB – a classic hit from the Crypto Greatest Hits Vol 1 album (not out now in stores near you).

Stirring, poetic, FOMO-inducing bullish sentiment aside for one second, how about some measured and well-reasoned technical analysis? Here you go…

A rising wedge can be a bearish chart pattern, as the respected analyst MICKyrpto points out above, but Bitcoin has broken well out of it at the time of writing.

While this is a good sign, for the short term at least, it’s also best to keep in mind some of his further analysis from the past day or so, which is cautioning an inevitable Bitcoin pullback. The old “what goes up… must come down” – it’ll come at some point, the question is, how hard, and will the altcoins then take the baton?


Mooners and shakers

So, taking a reasonably broad look at the market right at this minute, we’re not overrun with double-digit percentage gainers, but there’s a hell of a lot of green. And on the the flipside, there’s a grand total of two coins in the red in the top 100 by market cap.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is down 2.08 per cent since this time yesterday, which probably has something to do with a bit of general dog-meme collateral due to Vitalik Buterin’s latest “dog dump”, as covered in another Stockhead article today.

The other one a little down today in the top 100 is digital collectibles platform Ecomi (OMI): -4.94%. The coin is actually down 18.67 per cent on the week. It may or may not have something to with the growing idea that NFT crypto plays are facing a bit of a cooling-off period, while Bitcoin and some top altcoins take the stage.

Something to consider and look into a bit closer, perhaps, if you’re deep into OMI and other NFT collectible projects right now. (That said, not financial advice, of course. “Just a reporter, on the internet, reporting about crypto…”)

And otherwise, some notable coins not having a good day, having a great day, include: gaming and e-commerce metaverse incubator project RedFox Labs (RFOX), +31.81%; exchange token OKB, +25%; Unibright (UBT), +22%; Polkamarkets (POLK), +22%; the highly regarded Kusama-based MOVR coin, +20%; UFO Gaming (UFO), +16%; and Terra (LUNA) +14%.

What do you think? Does the market seem pretty excitable right now? We’ll leave you with the crypto market’s go-to sentiment tracker, the Fear & Greed Index – as it can probably best answer that question…