The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is continuing its foray into the mainstream with its own upcoming film trilogy, announced this week by Coinbase.

The crypto-exchange giant is sitting in the producer chair for the animated short-film series, titled “The Degen Trilogy”. And the first of those will be premiering at the NFT.NYC industry event in June to tie in to the long-awaited launch of Coinbase’s NFT marketplace.

In case you’re not living in the crypto bubble, by the way, “degen” is short for degenerate. And in this space, that’s less an insult and almost a badge of pride, or at least an acceptance of a common practice. Degens are crypto investors or traders who tend to “ape” into various digital assets – tokens or NFTs – without doing due diligence or proper research. It’s essentially a risky, fast-moving, bets-spreading strategy.


‘An incredible group of directors, writers and animators’

But back to the Bored Apes tilt at Tinsel Town, which very much sounds like it has Hollywood veterans on board…

“We have an incredible group of directors, writers, and animators behind this film,” Coinbase says on the film’s website. “We can’t tell you who they are just yet, but you’ve seen what they’ve done before.”

Owners of BAYC NFTs will be able to audition their apes to be in the series, with Coinbase asking owners to create a backstory for their character to potentially appear in the films.

If chosen, the owner of that NFT will receive a US$10k licensing fee, paid in Bitcoin or ApeCoin – the BAYC ecosystem token recently created and airdropped by BAYC developer Yuga Labs.

Time to ape in on a BAYC? Got half a million dollars lying around? While there’s no official floor price on these most famous of NFTs, they’ve proven to be pretty much unattainable (unless via illegitimate means) for less than about US$300k.


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