This week in the world weird web of crypto memes, an Ethereum hard fork, US Senate tax arguments and ETH and BTC tribalism have been dominating the narrative.


Burn for you

Possibly the biggest talking point of the week, at least for ETH fans, has been the London hard fork upgrade. “Improvement protocol” EIP-1559, in particular, was hugely anticipated for its primary purpose of burning part of every gas fee associated with transactions on the Ethereum network.

Some see it as a step towards ETH becoming a deflationary asset, like Bitcoin. But some have also been left a bit disappointed by that narrative so far. Although, it’s early days yet and there was something punking the network there for a while, too.

Anyway… memes, right?

Perfect Couple from ethtrader

Say it from cryptocurrencymemes

Me after EIP-1559: Oh Boy …. from ethtrader

It’s not about the money… from ethtrader


My coin’s better than your coin

Crypto has plenty of true-believer innovators focused on interoperability and growing the space as one. But it also has a hell of a lot of tribalism, too. Here’s a quick, memey look into the more one-eyed side of things.

El Salvador’s team actually depicts it well from cryptocurrencymemes

What do with B!Tc0in ? HoDL !!! What do with ETH ? Use it to explore the huge ecosystem ! from ethtrader

The storm is coming bois from ethtrader


Death (of crypto?) and taxes

Taxation isn’t the most obvious of topic choices for a lighthearted Friday roundup. But the crypto-tax amendment battle happening between US senators right now is compelling stuff for anyone who cares about the future of the crypto industry in the world’s biggest economy.

That said, finding good memes for it hasn’t been an easy task. Let’s start with a meme that’s not even a meme and certainly isn’t funny.

We give you… the 2,702-page bipartisan infrastructure bill that threatens to crush crypto in the United States.

And here’s a actual meme riffing on this fun topic…

The strongest will win from cryptocurrencymemes


Also spotted in our rounds this week…

He knows everything. from ethtrader