Juno Network is continuing its hot streak, defying the market doldrums ahead of the launch of its first NFT marketplace later today.

The Cosmos ecosystem cryptocurrency token hit another all-time high over the weekend, at US$37, up from $23 when Stockhead first covered three and a half weeks ago.

Juno has been the only top 100 crypto to set a new all-time high since the January 24 crash, according to Coingolive. The next biggest crypto to do so is Everdome, a metaverse token that’s the No. 178 crypto.

The Passage Marketplace is launching today on Juno, a network for interoperable smart contracts using the Rust programming language.

Juno holders have also been the beneficiaries of a number of airdrops lately.

Crypto market down 1.8%

Overall the crypto market was at $1.81 trillion, down 1.8 per cent from 24 hours ago, after Bitcoin failed to break $40,000 early today.

A little after midnight (Sydney time), BTC hit an eight-day high of US$39,850, but cooled around dawn, dipping under $39,000. By lunchtime, the original cryptocurrency was trading for US$38,250, down 0.8 per cent from yesterday.


Ethereum was down 1.6 to US$2,670.

Uniswap was the biggest gainer in the top 100, rising 15 per cent to $10.11.

Arweave and Filecoin were also double-digit gainers.

Radix was the biggest loser in the top 100, falling 9.7 per cent to US13.7c.

Binance to donate US$10m to Ukraine relief

Crypto juggernaut Binance meanwhile says it is committing a minimum of US$10 million to help ease the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The Binance Charity Foundation will split the funds with major intergovernmental organizations and nonprofits already on the ground, including UNICEF, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, iSans and People in Need.

The funds will be used to support displaced children and families in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, Binance said.

Binance has also launched a crypto-first crowdfunding site, called Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund, to allow people to donate crypto to provide emergency relief for refugees in the region.

“Watching this conflict escalate over the past four days has shocked our community to its core,” said Binance founder and chief executive Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.

“We are proud to have been able to quickly rally our network to provide relief and support on the ground to those in need.

“This includes helping provide food, fuel, supplies and shelter for Ukrainians, which include countless Binance community members. We are using every resource and governmental channel we have to call on world leaders to end this conflict immediately.”

Binance said it was also working with local refugee group to help expedite Ukrainians’ passage across the border to safety.