Aussie NFT gaming platform Balthazar has added to its leadership team with a new chief investment officer that will manage the DAO’s internal treasury and develop its token economics (tokenomics).

Terry Vogiatzis was formerly one of the youngest associate partners at investment management firm Findex, responsible for $100 million in funds under management.

“I’m excited to apply learnings and principles of traditional finance and markets to the cryptocurrency space, and help build a cryptocurrency and DAO  from the ground-up,” said Vogiatzis.

As Stockhead detailed in January, Balthazar is a “capital light” gaming guild with a platform for NFT asset holders to lend their NFTs to Balthazar to earn yield.

The platform is aiming to take advantage of play to earn games such as Axie Infinity, loaning in-game assets to “scholars” in developing nations so they can earn rewards via gaming. There’s more than 35,000 people on the waitlist for its scholarships.

Balthazar said that Vogiatzis is already on board and guided Balthazar to a 90 per cent return (US$300,000 profit) in one month from a combination of investing in Pegaxy governance tokens (PGX) and in-game rewards (yields). Pegaxy is a blockchain-based digital horse racing game.

“We are thrilled to have Terry on board,” said Balthazar chief executive John Stefanidis.

“With his experience and background in traditional finance, coupled with a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market, Terry brings a unique and highly valuable strength to Balthazar.”

Developing tokenomics

In his new role, Vogiatzis will be responsible for developing Balthazar’s internal investment strategy and tokenomics.

“Launching a cryptocurrency requires far more thought than one may think, especially when trying to parallel fundamentals to traditional investments,” said Vogiatzis.

“For example, the most difficult thing about monetising on fully diluted valuations is building liquidity and market depth, as the majority of tokens adding to this valuation have not yet vested.

“Various strategies need to be considered when incentivising liquidity such as offering ‘staking rewards’ for investors that provide liquidity to the market, and tying this into the gradual vesting of investor tokens.”

Vogiatzis will also conduct regular virtual workshops, teaching the Balthazar community about financial literacy.

“I’m humbled to have the opportunity to make a difference in our community by helping people learn not just about the benefits of cryptocurrency strategies but also the risks involved and the importance of diversifying into other asset classes,” said Vogiatzis.

“I believe NFT gaming will make a positive impact for many people, particularly in developing countries.”

Vogiatzis is the seventh member of Balthazar’s management team. The others are Stefanidis; chief financial officer Hairul Lutfi; chief operating officer Bijan Abdollahi; chief technical officer Kristian Bortnik; chief marketing officer Peter Nay; chief commercial officer Michelle Hutchison; and chief gaming officer Nicholas Korsgård.

Balthazar says it’ll soon close its private token sale round of US$8 million with a valuation of US$150 million, following an initial $3 million capital raising in January led by Animoca Brands.