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Blockchain for breakfast, Australia?

Let’s begin with something lite…

Litecoin (LTC) price prediction: back to all-time highs?

Cryptocurrency Litecoin has been working off the indulgence of a 7% price feast around Christmas Eve, the altcoin has already shed 12% to date (30 December), leaving it just 17% higher than at the start of the year.

The team has all the glorious minutiae of LTC’s recent performance, here.


US market close: Wall St cools as pandemic rises

Digital currency wobbled on Thursday in overnight US tradeAfter spending much of the day in positive territory, the prominent cryptocurrencies began to mix late on, with Bitcoin dipping 0.12%, Ethereum up 0.7%, while Litecoin fell 0.28%.


Crypto news: BTC and the second worst month in a decade

And after setting record highs in November, the two largest cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ether – are poised to end the year with one of the worst monthly drops on record.

Some context behind the movement in 2021.


Metahero (HERO) price prediction: A cutting-edge project

Metahero is a blockchain project using 3D scanning and modelling tech to generate ultra-high-definition (UHD) avatars and virtual items that can be used across games, virtual reality and social media, oh, and in online fashion.

The company offers futuristic virtual opportunities where people can recreate real-world assets and then move them into the metaverse.


FET coin price prediction: where next for the AI-coin?

Despite a soft Christmas boost, FET coin, the native cryptocurrency, continues to fall from its all-time high of September. With its price down to $0.5088 that equates to a 57% discount off its original value.

Here the team have tracked the recent developments in the cryptocurrency’s protocol and the latest price forecasts.


HEX price prediction: The blockchain certificate of deposits

HEX is a producer of a certificate of deposit (CD) for the crypto world, more than doubling in value this month – including a 20% rise on 30 December. This recovery follows a bitter November when a series of reducing peaks saw it tumble 60%.

Here digs deeper into the project to predict its possible future price.


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