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Morning Coinheads! It’s Tuesday in Cryptoland and its Bitcoin V. Ether in the battle of the biggies while the Greenback has a new threat that’s not Bitcoin.

Let’s get into it.


Market Wrap: Cryptos pull back, traders eye opportunities in Ether versus Bitcoin

Coindesk: Bitcoin retreated from a high of US$47,431 on Monday night as bullish sentiment waned.


CBDCs not Bitcoin threaten dollar’s dominance The US will have to master complex technology if the Greenback is to retain its status as the world’s reserve currency. But it’s done that before… can the USA do it again?


Origin Protocol price prediction: Will OGN uptick? Origin Protocol, the native token of a shared economy marketplace, declined to its 52-week low of US$0.2396 on 24 February. But with a little mother courage OGN has then performed an impressive rebound and managed to hit a new 90-day high of US$0.8346 on 20 March. Doing the math, a rise of 248%.


Cryptocurrency miner Marathon Digital open to sale at right valuation

Bloomberg: Over on Bloomers, Crypto mining giant Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. is open to the possibility of being acquired for the right price, its chief executive officer said. I believe that is an invitation.


Crypto adoption hit ‘tipping point’ last year over inflation concerns, Gemini says

SeekingAlpha: Almost half of all current crypto owners in the United States, (44%), Latin America (46%) and in the Asia Pacific (45%) first bought crypto in 2021.


Shiba Inu has been added to Bitcoin of America’s Crypto ATM

TCU: Dogecoin and Ethereum have already been linked to the famous ATM network Bitcoin of America, and now Shiba Inu has been added as well.


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