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Morning Coinheads.

It’s Friday morning in Sydney – and Kuala Lumpur has the Bitcoin by the horns.

Peter Schiff says hedge your crypto hedge.

And we have a price prediction on Doge – is the meme coin more bark than drool?

Come. Stay. Sit.

Investing in BTC is ‘moving from the frying pan to the fire’ exclusive: Crypto’s much-vaunted status as an inflation hedge is a myth because they suffer from the same weakness as fiat currencies in that they are only backed by confidence, says economic commentator Peter Schiff.


Malaysia is well placed to become a regional crypto hub Crypto payment provider TripleA estimates that 3.1% of Malaysians – just over one million people – own cryptocurrency. The company is just one of many to refer to Malaysia as the next regional crypto hub.


Crypto custody case shows DeFi becoming mainstream Cryptocurrency proponents are monitoring a Canadian court ruling that granted interim custody of $16m (£12.12m) in allegedly stolen digital assets to a third party to see how it could affect decentralised finance (DeFi) in the future.


Dogecoin price prediction: Is it set for a new rally? Canine-inspired meme coin Doge has made its appearance on the high streets of the USA and with it a 12% price uplift.


Two men arrested for $1M non-fungible token ‘rug pull’ scheme

Toronto Sun: Two men were arrested and charged with scamming buyers of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) worth $1.1 million, authorities said on Thursday, in what appeared to be the first US federal criminal case involving the class of digital assets whose popularity exploded last year.


Market Wrap: Cryptos rise as Russia mulls Bitcoin for oil payments 

Coindesk: Most cryptocurrencies traded higher on Thursday after Russia’s Duma committee chairman suggested during a news conference that Bitcoin could be accepted as payment for the nation’s oil and other resource exports.

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