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Morning, Coinheads.

So yeah, BTC caught a bid… or three. Or 6000.

It’s pumped 15% or so in the past 24 hours and busted through the $US43K mark.

In fact, only SOL was a bigger mover in the top 20, up 16.2%. But they’re all enjoying a green day.

The Dow never traded in positive territory but had a decent crack at it towards the close, and pretty much all the major ASX sectors opened in the green as well.

The peace talks between Russia and Ukraine came to nothing, but maybe that’s the power of Hopium we’re seeing, right there.

Let’s take a closer look at those buoyant cryptos.

US market close: Crypto rockets upward

Prominent cryptocurrencies were higher on Monday with Bitcoin up 11.66%, Ethereum up 8.79%, and Litecoin rising 7.03%. In other digital assets, Bitcoin Cash was 7.61% higher and Dogecoin was 4.93% in the green.


NI rallies after Ukraine asks exchanges to block Russian users

UNI – a token of decentralised cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap – rallied over fears that centralised cryptocurrency exchanges might be ordered to block Russian users.


Ravencoin (RVN) price prediction: rallying while others are stalling?

RVN, the coin of peer-to-peer asset transfer blockchain Ravencoin has bounced back more than 27% since taking a plunge in the crypto crisis, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As of 28 February, it was at $0.061, but still some way off its February high of $0.08.


Polkadot crypto price prediction: Could highs return for DOT?

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, the blockchain interoperability platform, has come under fire for a Tweet putting a condition on a possible $5m donation to help the Ukrainian govt with the crisis caused by the Russian invasion.


NEAR coin price prediction: Will it rise again?

NEAR token price reached an all-time high of $20.42 on 16 January. However, it recently fell to a 30-day low of $7.41 on 24 February as the broader crypto market shed value. By 28 February it was trading at $8.61, down about 57% from its peak.


TRON (TRX) price prediction: Is the coin a buy now?

Tron DAO, the file sharing and entertainment blockchain said $700,000 worth of TRX and USDT the Tether stablecoin) had been donated to the official account of the Ukrainian government, including $200,000 from founder Justin Sun.