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Morning, Coinheads.

As we sit on the precipice of World War III, Bitcoin was swinging this way and that on Monday evening as Putin ordered tanks into Ukraine and the markets digested what a war actually looks like. Bitcoin started down in the UK, dipping to US$37,000, but by the time US was waking up it was making a small rally, along with most of the majors.

Not so much for Doge or Bitcoin Cash. Is this an opportunity to BTFD? We couldn’t possibly say.

Meanwhile, NFT sales have hit an all time high; pity about the US$1.7 million hack on OpenSea. That’s at least a couple of missing monkeys, to be sure. And Metaverse token SENSO is down 80% from its record high in November.

Feels like there’s a lesson here…

Let’s take a closer look:

US market close: Crypto assets stir

Prominent cryptocurrencies were mostly higher on Tuesday with Bitcoin up 1.81%, Ethereum up 0.53%, and Litecoin 0.41% higher. In other digital assets, Bitcoin Cash was down 0.10% while Dogecoin was 0.35% lower.


Top 5 NFTs: What are the top tokens by market cap?

Sales of NFTs took off in 2021 and soared to an all-time high, based on the number of sales, hitting value totalling $15.57bn in 2021. This looks at whether there are quieter times ahead.


SENSO price prediction: Further losses ahead?

Metaverse token SENSO has followed the general trends in crypto, trading more than 80% down from its all-time high of US$3.27, achieved on 21 November 2021. Let’s consider its fundamentals and potential.


Bitcoin Cash price prediction: is the altcoin a dip buy?

With Bitcoin’s influence waning, is this an opportunity for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?


$1.7m OpenSea NFT hack calls crypto security into question

Users of OpenSea, one of the crypto world’s largest NFT marketplaces, was hit by a phishing attack that resulted in NFTs being stolen from certain users of the exchange.


UK crypto news: BTC sinks to US$37,000 as short-term holders drive volatility

Bitcoin was trading at US$37,000 in European morning trade as cryptocurrency and traditional markets fell in response to intensified tensions in Ukraine, after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered tanks to invade on Monday evening.


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