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Morning, Coinheads.

Bitcoin is down 6.6%, nearing US$40k, its biggest drop in four weeks. Therefore Ethereum is down, Litecoin, Doge. It’s Red Friday. Might be time to buy. Or hold. Or do nothing. We’re not your financial advisors.  And this is not financial advice.

So, it looks like the metaverse is going to be a thing, ultimately. Even the New York Stock Exchange is lodging crypto patents. XYO is setting up base in Singapore, the people want crypto payments, and Internet Computer is breaking blockchain records, but its speeds are not being matched by its price.

AMP is demonstrating volatile traits, TRON shifts to DAO, and Fantom gives Ethereum a run for its money.

TGIF, yo, let’s do this.


XYO looks to Singapore to expand its ecosystem’s capabilities

Singapore is set to be the centre of XYO’s Asian operation. An exclusive interview with Markus Levin, the co-founder of XYO.


Interest in crypto payments rising among merchants and customers

With a sharp rise in the market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies, a new survey by cryptocurrency exchange and payment processing firm Worldpay has found a similar increase in merchants and customers wanting to transact in cryptocurrencies.


NYSE files to protect trading platforms for crypto assets

The New York Stock Exchange is prepping for life in the metaverse, having recently applied for four trademarks related to trading a wide variety of digital assets, from crypto tokens, utility tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a virtual or augmented reality, according to records filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Internet Computer price prediction: Can the ICP price recapture its former glory?

Dfinity Foundation, the organisation behind the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain and token, tweeted on 16 February that it had surpassed 31.91 blocks per second, a metric that “speaks to the speed of the Internet Computer”.


AMP crypto price prediction: A promising digital collateral coin

AMP, the token of the Flexa collateralised asset transfer network, continues to show sharply volatile traits with a price chart punctuated by sharp rises and quick falls.


TRON (TRX) price prediction: Is the coin a buy now?

Blockchain networks form a core of the emerging decentralised third-generation internet (Web3). As part of that transition, the TRON blockchain has made the shift to a decentralised autonomous organisation model.


Fantom price prediction: Will it set new highs in 2022?

If recent transactions are anything to go by, investors have been drawn to Fantom seeing it as a potentially a faster, cheaper alternative to Ethereum.

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