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Morning, Coinheads.

Bitcoin is flat right now. The market is reading all the tea leaves and digital smoke signals to decipher whether 2022 will be the year of the bull or the bear. It feels like we’re entering crypto’s deciding phase. The next few weeks will dictate the kind of year we’re going to have. Place your bets, put your house in order, and ensure your totems are lined up correctly.

Meanwhile, India cannot make up its mind. First it wants to regulate crypto, now it wants to ban it. That is, if the deputy governor of its central bank official has his way. He’s slamming crypto as a ‘ponzi scheme’. Yawn.

We’re a step closer to adding stablecoin to the dictionary, as US legislators clarify what it is and how to regulate it. But first Congress needs to act on the proposed bill, and given the state of… *gestures wildly at everything*… it’s uncertain if the legislation will get a look in.

Blockchain gaming platform, GameFi, hit an all time high in November 2021. But will it top its former record this year? 2021 was also good to Holochain, but so far 2022 has been a cruel mistress.  SafePal is also looking bearish, though it too has yet to top its March ’21 record.

What does the future hold? We’ve got some price predictions.

Let’s get into it.


Crypto industry hails US stablecoin regulation moves

The cryptocurrency industry is praising a bill introduced this week in the US, clarifying what stablecoin is and how to regulate it, but the legislation’s future is unclear as the US Congress has failed to act on any digital currency rule making.


GameFi (GAFI) price prediction: A top gaming token to watch?

GameFi, a blockchain gaming platform, reached new heights in 2021. It hit an all-time-high of US $351.70 on 21 November 2021. What will happen this year?


Holochain price prediction: is HOT token cooling off?

Holochain experienced a massive surge in the first half of 2021 on gaining patent approval for its distributed hash table (the rrDHT) but has since has struggled to get beyond $0.015. What does this mean for the Holo price prediction for 2022?


Safepal (SFP) price prediction: Can the token regain momentum?

SFP token has seen a bearish start to the year. It’s currently trading at almost 80% below its March 2021 peak. Yet 2021 also saw huge strides for the token. SFP is now listed on 31 exchanges.


UK crypto news: BTC consolidates, where will it go from here?

Bitcoin was flat, trading in the US $43,000 – $45,000 range in London morning trade on 16 February, as the market awaits hints that could spark bullish or bearish momentum. The whole market capitalisation added 0.51% to $1.99trn over the last 24 hours.


India central bank official slams crypto as a ‘ponzi’ scheme

A senior official at India’s central bank has called for a total ban on cryptocurrency activity in the country, saying that the arguments for the digitally generated currency do not stand up to scrutiny.

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