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Morning, Coinheads.

Crypto is up. It’s rallying. Bitcoin, Ethereum & Etherum Classic, Shibs, Dash coin, it’s all green, baby!

Even Wink coin seems to be gaining momentum after some erratic peaks and troughs. We don’t like to gloat, but perhaps those fears of a cryptowinter were overstated after all.

Except for The Graph, which seems to be stuck in a snowy wilderness of its own.

Let’s take a closer look.

US market close: crypto goes higher

Prominent cryptocurrencies were green on Monday with Bitcoin up 5.81%, Ethereum up 5.63%, and Litecoin 9.72% higher. In other digital assets, Bitcoin Cash popped at 5.64% and Dogecoin surged 10.86%.

ETC coin price prediction: Will it thrive after hard fork?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) continued its rise from the disruption of January’s mini-quake to a 9% uplift, or US$32.59 (7 February). This is a gain of 45% since its low point on 24 January.

Dash coin price prediction: Will DASH recover in 2022?

Dash (DASH) was up around 23% in the past week, trading at US$110.78, though this is still below its 1 January price, when it was trading at US$137.95. This is a look at its fundamentals.

UK crypto news: SHIB, ETH rally in market rebound

After a jubilant weekend, Bitcoin (BTC) was attacking US$43,000 in London morning trading. And Ether (ETH) got above US$3,000 on Friday for the first time since 21 January.

The Graph (GRT) price prediction: Can the token rebound in 2022?

GRT, the coin of decentralised indexing protocol The Graph, has a price of US$0.43 but even with last week’s rise of 8% it is still in the grip of a long-term decline.

Wink coin price prediction: back in the game?

WIN, the coin of Wink, the decentralised gaming platform built on the TRON network, has had a see-sawing price, but last week it seemed to be gaining upward momentum.

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