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Morning Coinheads.

Lets not start with the price of bitcoin – shedding over 10% in the past seven days – and focus instead on Bitcoin’s violation of the parabolic advance!

It’s Monday morning in Sydney – Bitcoin has broken out of it’s 2018 losing streak, GameStop won’t stop, and it’s official: cryptocrime has a record 2021.

There’s much to discuss, grab some caffeine – and let’s embark on this etheral journey together:

US market Friday close: Digital assets trade red

Yes indeed. The prominent cryptocurrencies were down on Friday with Bitcoin 2.6% lower, Ethereum 6.1% in the red, while Litecoin sank 2.5%.


Bitcoin falls to $41k on Friday as investor sentiment sours

The cryptocurrency markets continued a downward trend into the weekend, says the experts reckon investor sentiment is becoming increasingly sour. Bitcoin lost some 3% over 24 hours on Saturday (AEDT), while other popular assets also fell.


Bitcoin (BTC) Avoids Mirroring 2018’s 7-Day Losing Streak and sub-$40,000

Here’s a quick look at Bitcoin’s recent price movements by Yahoo Finance, published Saturday 9 January.


GameStop (GME) finishes up 7% on NFT speculation

The stock of American video game retailer GameStop Corporation finished Friday’s trading session up more than 7% to $140.62 per share after reports that the company is planning to build-out a crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) division.


Crypto crime struck a record high in 2021: Chainalysys

Cryptocurrency-based crime hit an all-time high in 2021, according to data made available with blockchain research platform Chainalysys. As much as $14bn (€12.4bn) was routed to illicit addresses over the course of the past year, up from $7.8bn in 2020, said data made public on 6 January.


Livepeer (LPT) coin price prediction: Decentralised video streaming

The team is taking a peek at Livepeer – an open-source decentralised and scalable platform for transcoding of live or on-demand video streams. With the ambitious goal of improving reliability of video broadcasting while significantly reducing streaming costs, the project is building a peer-to-peer infrastructure secured by Ethereum blockchain.


Request (REQ) crypto price prediction: PayPal of crypto

Request is a decentralised, Ethereum-based network which, like its name suggests, allows users to request and receive payments through secure means. The Request Network is powered by the REQ token that was launched in 2017 and can be used to pay for fees associated with transactions conducted on the network.


COTI coin price prediction: is it on the way to new highs?

Self-styled currency of the internet, COTI, has hit a double dip during last week’s crypto flash crash. After initially falling 17% it then staged a small rally only to fall further on 7 January. COTI is a blockchain protocol for decentralised payment processing that enables businesses and governments to issue their own coins.


Harmony (ONE) price prediction: will the uptrend continue?

Speedy blockchain Harmony looks to have reset itself on its upward trajectory despite the hits taken this week by many cryptos. This cracker looks at where it could be headed.


HEX price prediction: The future of blockchain certificate of deposits 

It has been a disappointing start to 2022 for HEX, the producer of a certificate of deposit (CD) for the crypto world, losing 35% of its value, although an 11% rise on 7 January cushioned some of the hit. Are HEX returns sustainable, and can its price continue to go up in the future?


Kosovo crackdown: Authorities target crypto-miners

Meanwhile, the cops in Kosovo have reportedly snatched another batch this time over 200 crypto mining devices – as part of ongoing raids which started Friday – part of an offensive against underground crypto farms after authorities in Pristina banned the power-draining minting of digital currencies amid a broader energy crisis in the country.


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