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A warm and hearty late Australia Day to all you Coinheads.

Overnight a late surge in buying lifted crypto prices late in the trading day – as it did across Wall Street – but not for all.

We’ve got a price prediction on Decentral Games, we’re talking Stablecoins and the five digital wallets you don’t want – or can’t – lose.

To bidness.


US market close: Crypto assets seesaw

Prominent cryptocurrencies are mostly down on Tuesday with Bitcoin up 0.29%, Ethereum 0.02% lower, while Litecoin off by 1.82%. In other digital assets, Bitcoin cash is 0.66% in the red, while Dogecoin is 3.89% higher.


US crypto regulations take shape in Washington

The Republican-backed comprehensive crypto bill has been postponed until asset’s value rebounds. The mood on Capitol Hill is one of wait and see after Bitcoin’s recent falls.


Choosing a digital wallet: Top five crypto wallets in 2022

Just as a real wallet enables you to store your money, a cryptocurrency wallet provides users with a secure way to store their private keys for the purpose of keeping their crypto accessible. A look at five top wallets for 2022.


Decentral Games (DG) price prediction: Will it surge on metaverse trend?

Metaverse is a growing phenomenon, and according to a Bloomberg analysis, the Metaverse market size has been predicted to reach up to $800bn by 2024.


UK Crypto News: Is crypto crash over? Market debates direction as BTC nears $36k

Bitcoin (BTC) showed signs of stabilising after a five-day sell-off that wiped out almost a quarter of its value. The original cryptocurrency was trading above $36,000 (£26,700) in European morning trade on Tuesday, up from a six-month low near $33,000 reached on Monday.


Top 5 stablecoins: The bridge between old and new finance

The market for stablecoins – crypto assets backed by traditional financial assets such as the US dollar or gold – has exploded as the coins have gained popularity.


El Salvador Bitcoin math does not add up: Analyst

When El Salvador became the first country to recognise Bitcoin as legal currency in September, the world watched the “great experiment,” questioning if it was sound fiscal policy. This is a look at the challenges as Bitcoin loses value.

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