A Sydney-based angel investor has cautioned against investing in governance tokens, the crypto coins that give tokenholders the right to vote on how a protocol is managed.

Finn Judell, the digital assets lead of First Penny Investments, told Ausbiz TV on Tuesday that he didn’t see the tokeneconomics for governance tokens working out.

“I feel like the demand for governance tokens outweighs, often, the demand for people to actually participate in governance,” Judell said.

“Governance alone with crypto often doesn’t quite cut it for me. There has to be some other incentive, whether it be through staking or something else, to incentivise investors and stakeholders to participate with the protocol.”

Uniswap is the most popular governance token, giving holders a vote on how to manage the Uniswap protocol, the leading decentralised exchange. The Curve DAO token, the No. 81 crypto, is another leading governance token.

Judell told Ausbiz he was a fan of Chainlink, the network of data feeds (or oracles, as it calls them), and of “getting in early with quality projects”.

Airline ticket NFTs to Art Basel

A Spanish airline will be selling tickets for a special flight to Miami as non-fungible tokens.

Air Europa is auctioning the NFTicket NFTs on the Algorand blockchain via the auction platform travelxchange.

The NFTickets will feature art by acclaimed artists but can also be redeemed for tickets on the November 29 flight to Miami, where Art Basel will be taking place on December 1 to 4.

“Innovation is in our DNA, we have been pioneers in applying new technologies within our industry and it can not be different with NFTs, which could be the next step in the travel industry,” said Bernardo Botella, global sales director at Air Europa.

“We are proud to be the first airline to adopt blockchain technology for inventory management and distribution. We’re excited to see where this could take travel as a whole and how it could improve customer experience.”

Air Europa worked with TravelX, which is building a blockchain-based distribution network for the travel industry, on the project.

“We will blend the best of the traditional NFT, but add real-world application and experience,” said TravelX co-founder Facundo Diaz.

“This provides a better flight ticket that travelers can easily manage and trade from their blockchain wallet, combined with a new kind of collectible art piece. We believe NFTickets will be the perfect fusion of art, travel, and technology.”

New service for wealth managers

Singapore digital securities exchange ADDX has launched a new private market service for wealth managers, allowing them to introduce more of their clients to private investments.

The ADDX Advantage platform uses a business-to-business-to-consumer model, allowing wealth managers to offer their clients fractional access to private market products on ADDX’s blockchain-based platform.