From the game-changing potential of audio NFTs, to pump-tastic BTC and ETH price predictions… Sean Gardner, co-founder of crypto music platform Emanate, gives Stockhead some “rambling” thoughts via a Twitter chat.


Hi, Sean. Last time we spoke, Emanate was looking to bridge its EOS-based EMT token to Ethereum. We see you can now buy it on the decentralised exchange SushiSwap… got any other cross-chain bridging or integrations planned? 

Hey! At this stage we’re in discussions with Avalanche, Fantom and Polygon about audio NFTs, MODA DAO and Emanate.

And we’ve just signed a full-scale market-making and OTC deal with FalconX [a crypto-trading operating system], who are going to help us move things along.

The future is bright but we’re not too sure where it will end up just yet.

Are native-app releases, monetised playlists and NFT integrations still the focus for Emanate, then? And what’s MODA DAO?

Yep, the apps are out and doing well. Playlists are live – you can’t monetise them yet but it’s worth building them up and building your following so that when our play-to-earn mechanics launch, you’re ahead of the pack. Multi-chain NFT streaming is going to be a thing for sure – it’s all in development now.

As for MODA DAO, very simply, it’s a blockchain-and-project-agnostic Web3 music DAO [decentralised autonomous organisation].

Its mission is to drive the adoption of Web3 technology in the music industry in a very real and mature way – moving from experimentation and speculation to mainstream adoption.

‘NFTs allow artists to focus on what matters; make better music, and build fans who would actually buy a f**king album from you’

So who will benefit from what MODA DAO’s aiming to achieve?

Creators and collectors. Creators need a more mature and interoperable ecosystem with some bridges to the legacy world and collectors are going to benefit from having more certainty around what they are buying and what rights they get.

We are all so early with the audio NFT side of things that really anyone getting involved now is going to win. Check this out from GaryVee [US influencer and NFT entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk]


The contract aspect of NFTs are going to revolutionize the whole music industry #nft #nftmusic #nftart

♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) – S_R

Big stuff. So we take it his thoughts sum up how you feel about the potential power of audio NFTs? 

Yeah, he may have oversimplified it a bit, but essentially there are two things that matter in the life of an artist:

Firstly, working on your craft and your creativity and finding ways to continually tap into that energy flow. And secondly, connecting with and building your audience – an authentic audience!

There’s too much noise in social media and too many distractions with likes, follower counts and streaming numbers. NFTs allow artists to focus on what matters; make better music, and build fans who would actually buy a f**king album from you!

Investors now are possibly all still “early” when it comes to crypto. But would you agree that music-industry-focused crypto and NFTs is a sub-sector that’s practically at the prehistoric stage? In terms of adoption and therefore investment opportunity, that is…  

Yes, absolutely. We’re the first 2% or 3% right now.

In terms of the overall crypto market and  where it’s at… are you a “supercycle” believer? Or are you more of a “blow-off-top”, 2018 bear-market PTSD kinda guy? Got any predictions? 

I do have that PTSD for sure… But my Bitcoin prediction is (US) $100k around Christmas, a big dump down to around $50k, everyone thinks it’s all over, and then a pump to $200k+ by May and back down to around $100K again. And then 2023-2024 might be kind of quiet, but not a full crypto winter.

ETH, on the other hand, will probably hit US$20k next year.

The dotcom bubble was about US$10 trillion, right? And that was 20 years ago. The crypto bubble should hit that level in this cycle.

Like it! So not seeing a big, horrible bear market or crypto ice age again, then? 

I feel like there is so much going on, so much utility, so much investment, and too much money printing for us to have another real winter.

I think the next halvening cycle top around 2025/2026 will see a lot of Web3 projects hitting mainstream adoption and we might see public mania like when you used to see a line for blocks and blocks when a new iPhone got released. It could get scary!

Not financial advice, of course! Just a guy down a rabbit hole, rambling about stuff!

I hear you. Anything else catching your eye right now in the crypto world, or anything else you wanna mention?


Ha. Yep… “gm”. And maybe, just maybe… WAGMI. (Coughs… not financial advice.)

Emanate and MODA DAO’s Sean Gardner, in ape form


You can learn a bit more about Emanate (EMT) in our first interview with its founders, here. And if you want to learn about MODA DAO and what it’s looking to achieve, have a dive into its litepaper.

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