Bulletin Board System Network, a decentralised Web 3.0 public network of user-run online message boards, has raised $1.5 million in a funding round led by Binance Labs.

The crypto platform shares its revenues with creators, curators and other stakeholders, rewarding them with its native token in a transparent way.

“The mission of BBS Network is to return control of content and its economic upside back into the hands of social media users,” said founder and chief executive Eyal Hertzog.

“We are excited to cooperate with Binance Labs to further decentralize the reach of SocialFi, the next great frontier for blockchain.

“The investment will enable us to focus on building and launching new features such as Native App, Search Engine, and Cross-BBS Authentication.”

Binance Labs investment director Ken Li said that Binance Labs has been “deeply exploring the Web 3.0 SocialFi landscape” and was excited about what decentralisation could do for both the creator economy and the billions of daily social media users.

Other investors in the BBS Network seed round included DCG (Digital Currency Group), Polychain Capital GPs, Node Capital, NFX and DAO Maker.

FLUF World at Art Basel

Kiwi-founded 3D rabbit avatar NFT project FLUF World (which Stockhead profiled in September) has hosted an artist-packed event at Art Basel in Miami to celebrate the “true metaverse movement”.

FLUF holders who weren’t in the local area joined via livestream for the party, which included sets by German DJ Boys Noize and a metaverse performance by AngelBaby. The jam also included artwork by Max Steiner, Alejandro Glatt, Erik Lovato, and Adam Thomson.

FLUF World says it plans to upgrade the project’s avatars so they can perform tasks, host events in owned real-estate, and even reproduce Fluffets.

FLUFs were selling for a minimum of 1.15 Ethereum (US$5,045) on Tuesday, up from 0.53 Eth when Stockhead profiled the project in September.

FLUF World reported over $US75 million dollars in NFT sales last quarter, with its creator, Auckland-based studio Non Fungible Labs, receiving an industry-standard five per cent royalties on all secondary market sales.