A Melbourne-based crypto trader is launching a line of NFTs to fund her crypto-focused Hollywood film.

Lisa N Edwards is selling 15,000 NFTs for $333 apiece to fund her movie Coinrunners, which she says is based on a bad romance she had with a high-profile crypto trader who got involved in drugs.

“Coinrunners tells the story of a female crypto trader who gets wrapped up in a relationship with a fellow trader that leads them to the precipice of disaster for them and their business,” a press release states.

“The film compares the similarities between the crypto market cycle and how relationships and emotions are experienced in real life.”

The NFT collection includes such perks as getting to spend a day on set or a walk-on role in the movie, as well as limited edition airdrops. The collection features hand-drawn images of scenes from the movie, created by a Hollywood storyboard artist.

“Without the support and encouragement of the crypto community, many of them now good friends, I would not be in a position to merge my passions and bring this story to life,” Edwards says in the press release.

“I have always wanted the film to be a showcase of crypto, the people in crypto and what crypto can do to change lives. The community is why we are here and what keeps us coming back. The film is a tribute to that notion.”

A former actor who had small roles in a number of TV productions, Edwards runs and co-owns several crypto websites.

She has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, 10,000 more on Instagram and is described as an Elliot wave specialist with two decades of experience trading stocks, commodities and now exclusively crypto.