Coinspot has just launched a massive giveaway to celebrate reaching its 2 millionth customer — one that might put the winner in a bit of a pickle, in fact.

Whoever wins the prize draw on November 10 will have a choice of a mint condition 2017 Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2, valued at $365,000 – or $320,000 worth of Bitcoin.

“The winning participant must choose one, and only one, prize,” the fine print reads.

Customers on the platform will have until November 5 to enter the Coinspot giveaway. They have to write a short statement (25 words or less) explaining who they’d take on a drive, if they could choose anyone (past or present).

The giveaway was already trending on Twitter this morning under the hashtag #CoinspotLambo, incentivised by a further $1000 giveaway in BTC.

Answers to the joyride question included Elon Musk, Kobe Bryant, Ice Cube, Morgan Freeman, Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje and deceased relatives.

And the winner would have to make their decision in light of another strong run for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, which has rallied back from recent lows near US$40,000 to make another push at all-time highs above US$60,000.

To enter, click here.