A new specialised blockchain designed to provide the infrastructure layer for metaverse projects has raised $4 million, at an $80 million valuation.

Crypto investment firm Susquehanna International Group led the oversubscribed Series A into London-based Caduceus.

Other investors in the round included Bin Zayed Group, BlockFills, Qredo, TokenInsight, Nukkleus, Digital RFQ and Luna VC, as well as ex-England and Chelsea FC captain, John Terry.

The funds will help the future development of decentralised rendering and edge cloud computing as part of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol.

“We are delighted that investors have recognised the value of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol layer 1 blockchain which is dedicated to the production of an infrastructure layer to enable industry-wide metaverse development,” said Caduceus co-founder Tim Bullman said.

“Caduceus is developing a suite of developer toolkits and hardware solutions that create a rich environment for metaverse development enabling the building, financing and cross-chain portability of 3D worlds and digital assets from metaverse to metaverse,” he said.

Caduceus will offer lower transaction costs, higher speeds and greater security than any other public blockchain, he added.

“Caduceus is the home of the future,” Bullman. “A place to develop everything the metaverse has to offer – in finance, in commerce, in creativity and for businesses as yet un-dreamed of – and this successful investment round propels us a step closer to enabling the building of that future on the Caduceus blockchain.”


Minecraft gamers can play to earn

In other metaverse news, Alien Worlds has announced that Minecraft gamers will be able to earn the project’s Trillium tokens under a new bridge to the NFT metaverse.

The interoperability will let traditional gamers earn assets by completing quests.

“This bridge is significant in that we are linking one of the world’s most popular decentralized games to the blockchain, and opening up a world of new possibilities for Minecraft players through our social metaverse,” said Alien Worlds co-founder Saro McKenna.

“We think our combination of economics, team strategy and earning will convert Minecraft players of all ages into Web3 players.”

Earning Trillium will also allow Minecraft gamers to stake the fungible token to one of the Alien Worlds Planet DAOs.