Bitcoin has hit a nearly one-month high – and dog tokens are again surging.

The Shib Army were boasting they had “eaten a zero” after their meme coin pumped nearly 60 per cent overnight, rising from US0.000821c to a nearly five-month high of US0.001482c.

Shortly before lunchtime (Sydney time), Shiba Inu coin was trading at US0.001482c, up 46.3 per cent from yesterday.

Some were crediting a picture Elon Musk had posted of his new Shiba Inu puppy, Floki, in his Tesla.

But the pump actually began nearly 12 hours later. Unconfirmed rumours that Robinhood might be listing the coin may have had more to do with Shib’s gains.

Dogecoin meanwhile had gained 11.6 per cent to 24.35c.

Coinmarketcap currently lists Doge as the No. 9 crypto with a market cap of US$32 billion, while its younger competitor is the No. 35 token with a market cap of $5 billion.

Overall market at 16-day high

Overall the crypto market was up 1.9 per cent to US$2.17 trillion, its highest level since September 19.


Bitcoin had gained 3.2 per cent to US$49,455 at 12.15pm AEST, after jumping over US$49,000 for the first time since September 9 around 5am AEST.

The pump began around 3am AEST, shortly after Facebook and its affiliated companies went down.

It’s not clear there was any connection between the two events, but some Bitcoiners used the occasion to make claims about the robustness of their decentralised network.

Ethereum was basically flat at US$3,409, while Terra (Luna) was up 8.9 per cent to US$46.19.

Yesterday the stablecoin project hit an all-time high of US$49.70.

Tezos hit an all-time high as well on Monday, at US$9.12. At 12.41pm AEST, the self-amending blockchain project had dipped to US$8.38, down 5.4 per cent from yesterday.