A brand new multichain NFT marketplace will next month in Melbourne hold what’s believed to be Australia’s first in-person exhibition of NFT art.

NFT Stars‘ Sidus exhibition will be held at the SpACE @ Collins gallery on August 7 through 13.

“Every day of the exhibition, there will be an educational corner where visitors can learn the basics about non-fungible tokens and artists can mint their own NFT under the guidance of the NFT STARS team,” the marketplace said in its announcement.

NFT Stars launched just this month with a strong debut, with a piece of art by an anonymous artist selling for 229 Ethereum, or about A$600,000.

Titled “Singularity,” the artwork is said to explore a future where humanity merges with artificial intelligence to become super intelligent.

NFT Stars has an Australian-based CEO, Dan Khomenko, and a distributed workforce located globally. According to Linkedin, the company is owned by Auckland-based Maciej Jezowski.

“We believe the future of art is digital,” Khomenko is quoted as saying in the announcement.

“Technology is coming to every sphere of our lives and it’s natural for artists to portray the world we live in using the tools of our time. We want to break the stereotype that NFT art is only for crypto lovers. SIDUS 2021 is an entry point, perhaps the first touchpoint for many people concerning this new digital art form”.

NFT Stars is live on Ethereum and Polygon and plans to launch on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and other blockchains.