Aussie crypto exchange Coinstash is throwing open the books, giving investors the opportunity to buy into the company… as well as buying the dip.

Crypto, as just about everyone knows, is having a bit of a moment. The market has seen earth-shattering levels of volatility in recent months, and crypto prices have been falling faster than ScoMo on a soccer field.

But Ting Wang, co-founder and CEO of Brisbane-based crypto exchange Coinstash doesn’t seem all that concerned when talking to Stockhead about what the market’s doing, and his company’s plan to keep moving forward.

To that end, Coinstash has recently launched a new rewards program called Coinstash Earn and they’re working on a way for investors to buy into the company through a recently-launched crowdfunding campaign.

Many hands make light work

Coinstash is currently running an expression of interest campaign for an equity  crowdfunding option, which is set to wrap up on 30 May this year, with the aim of letting people channel their inner Victor Kiam and buy into the business.

“We’re opening up our business for everyday Australians to actually own a share in Coinstash, not just being a customer of ours,” Wang says. “People will be able to become shareholders in Coinstash for as little as $50.”

It’s clearly a bold time to be launching this sort of campaign, so Stockhead had to ask Wang about the elephant in the room – the well-documented market-wide decline and what it means for his company.

Under pressure

The recent price falls in Crypto, Wang says, are the result of a perfect storm of negative conditions, with pressure coming from all sorts of avenues spooking investors everywhere.

“Obviously there’s the war happening between Russia and Ukraine,” Wang says. “And then we have the interest rate increases in the US and unprecedented levels of inflation”.

“All of that combined has led to interest rate rises in the US and Australia, which means there is a bigger appetite for people to start moving their money towards investment safe havens.”

Weathering the storm

Despite the market freaking out and some (okay… quite a few) investors mashing the panic button, there’s a huge amount of uncertainty around crypto – especially for people who are seeing the recent price slumps as the right time to jump in and grab a few bargains.

Wang says that the Coinstash platform is structured in such a way that the going stays good no matter which way the market is moving.

“Because Coinstash is a brokering platform, we actually benefit when there’s a lot of fluctuation in the market, because when there is fluctuation, people rush to buy or rush to sell.

“If you look at the month of May, we had some strong trading activity happening on the platform. That’s obviously two-fold – we had people scrambling to liquidate their positions, but we also had people being quite rational, and seeing this as their opportunity to buy some Bitcoin at a lower price point,” he says.

Slow and steady

Wang says that there’s a third group that a lot of people that don’t get the consideration they deserve – the ones that are taking a slow and steady approach to crypto by making regular purchases regardless of the price point.

“We have people who have set up recurring purchases, which is one of our key features, so you are able to dollar cost average (DCA). It doesn’t matter what stage the market is at, because that approach is all about just being calm in the market,” he says.

Toes in the water

For new investors, Coinstash has done a ton of work to make getting into crypto an easy proposition, with products geared towards locking in earnings, and a push-button diversification option that is as simple as it gets.

Coinstash Earn is effectively the same as any other retail rewards program – when you buy and hold a coin in a Coinstash Earn account, you can earn an extra yield on crypto in the form of points that can be converted into more crypto, or to purchase exclusive Coinstash merchandise like T-shirts or a bottle of wine.

And for anyone looking for a really simple way of spreading their investment among the more than 340 coins and tokens on offer through Coinstash, you can just pick a Bundle from the list and let the platform do the heavy lifting.

This article was developed in collaboration with Coinstash, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.