Stand-in Australian men’s Test cricket skipper and gun batsman Steve Smith has teamed up with Aussie crypto micro-investing app Bamboo to become its official brand ambassador.

And, following on from Smith’s excellent captaincy form in Australia’s crucial third Test win in India, along with his recent fourth Allan Border Medal win, this looks to be a timely grab from Bamboo. (Okay, so crypto company/sports star link-ups went a bit nuts with FTX and others last year, but that’s another, different story.)

Today’s announcement isn’t Smith’s first involvement with Bamboo. He’s actually been featuring in a series of ads for the past month or so that draw a link between his approach to batting (building a Test cricket innings steadily) and Bamboo’s bit-by-bit dollar-cost averaging ethos.

Here, take a look…

The commercials have, according to the info supplied to Stockhead, proven a major success for Bamboo, with a fivefold increase in app sign-ups, reaching over 1.7 million people across the length of the ad campaign.

Smith has shown he has a keen interest in investing in start-up Australian businesses, such as his successful venture into the online mattress business with Koala and his foray into the world of oat-milk flogging, with Oat Milk Goodness (OMG).

He’s apparently been investing into crypto for some time now, too, although we don’t yet know which ones, exactly. (Yep, we’ve reached out and will keep you posted. We’re betting it’s probs BTC and ETH, though.)

Wonder if he’s a “Genesis Pass” holder of GOATD – Nathan Lyon’s NFT sports-fan-membership project, too. A bit like a second-innings reverse sweep off an Ahmedabad minefield, that’s just pure speculation on our part.


Take it slow, get your eye in

Wait, shouldn’t Smith just be concentrating on team tactics ahead of the fourth and final Test this week in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy? Shouldn’t he be staying up till his customary 3am each night, practising his batting and myriad pad adjustments in the mirror? Surely he doesn’t have time for crypto nonsense this week?

Well, the thing about Bamboo is (as we’ve covered in the odd past article), in terms of crypto-investing, it’s as pretty much set-and-forget as you can get. So it probably is hardly on Smith’s mind at all just right now.

The way Bamboo works is by enabling users to invest in the two highest market-cap cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum – as well as gold and silver, with as little as $50, with the aim of building a balanced portfolio over time and avoiding the risks associated with the crypto market and its famed volatility.

The app links with your bank account, making tiny investments into crypto and precious metals whenever you spend money on coffee, petrol and so forth.

Smudged: Aussie batting great Steve Smith. (Image supplied)


Putting crypto investing ‘on autopilot’

Right, time for a carefully crafted quote or two, neatly tucked behind square…

“There are definite parallels between my approach to building an innings and the dollar cost averaging investment strategy,” said Smith. “Bamboo makes it easy to put that strategy on autopilot enabling more Australians to start building a balanced portfolio with exposure to cryptocurrency.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Steve Smith to the Bamboo team as our new brand ambassador,” said Blake Cassidy, CEO of Bamboo.

“Steve is an Aussie icon and test cricket legend. His simple, steady and focused approach to cricket is a perfect fit with Bamboo’s commitment to helping everyday Australians get started investing into Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold and silver.”

All well and good. Now put the phone down, Smith, and help us square the series with runs, tactical nouse and more of those ridonculous slips catches, would you? Thanks, no pressure but that’d be great.