How do we sum up August winners and losers in crypto? With borrowed but credited charts, natch. Maybe we’ll employ an old song lyric a couple of times, too.

Generally speaking, August was another not-particularly awesome month in a not-particularly awesome year (so far) in the cryptoverse. Whaddyagonnado? (Actually, what you might want to do is quickly check out Septembear’s form guide and compare it with Octobull’s.)

Narrowing in, on the other hand, which is what this article’s supposed to be doing, we can see that certain altcoins have had a very nice 30 days or so indeed.

In fact, one thing of interest to note… taken as a whole, in August, altcoins actually outperformed the supposed safe haven of the crypto world – Bitcoin (BTC). Here’s a chart from Arcane Research that reflects that, showing Bitcoin’s monthly performance against large-, mid- and small-market-cap altcoins.

Source: Arcane Research

The large-cap altcoins (think top 10 players like Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), XRP and BNB) tend to play a pretty similar monthly tune to the OG orange coin. But it’s the lower-cap tiers’ overall performance that delivered an August surprise in these bear-crapping-in-woods conditions.

Okay, yes, they’re still double-digitally trending down, which ain’t great… The point is, they’ve been faring better than their supposedly less risky counterparts.


Top 10 gainers and losers in the top 100

Over to you, then, CoinGecko with the top 10 winners and losers from the top 100 coins by market cap…

Source: CoinGecko


No time for losers

Evmos (EVMOS) and Chiliz (CHZ) both had big months on the strength of significant upgrades and developments.

The former, which is an Ethereum-compatible chain built on Cosmos, built positive vibes on the back of an impending network upgrade that will give it a new transaction-fee model inspired by Ethereum’s token-burning (EIP-1559) mechanism.

The fan-engagement project Chiliz meanwhile is soon moving to its own blockchain. And that will apparently lower transaction costs on the Chiliz network, and improve its overall utility.

As gun financial analyst Carl Capolingua recently noted in a Stockhead piece, “Chiliz does fan tokens for some of the biggest European football teams… season’s just kicked off, so [it’s] getting a bit of attention at the moment!”

Nexo (NEXO) is also up there with those two as a top August performer. This is a leading CeFi crypto lender, so you might think it’d be having a rough time on the back of the crypto contagion that’s been sweeping through its competitors such as Celsius, Voyager, and BlockFi.

Nexo, however, has reportedly not taken on the kind of risks some of these other platforms delved into over the past year or so. Its users and investors haven’t been left high and dry in order to meet debt owed elsewhere, and this appears to have led to a good amount of confidence in the company in this shaky corner of the crypto industry.

Also, the lender recently announced an additional US$50m commitment to its “buyback” program, building off an initial $US100m. In what seems like a win for NEXO holders, the plan with this is to repurchase the native NEXO token in order to boost interest payments or make strategic investments in the future.


Actually, just a bit of time for losers

We covered Helium‘s (HNT) flaccid 48 hours or so in Friday morning’s Mooners and Shakers. Briefly, though, the unique Internet of Things project’s developers have made a proposal to port their work over to the Solana blockchain and leave the native Helium blockchain behind. The surprising news hasn’t been met too favourably just yet by HNT investors.

Other than bearish charts and technical analysis, it’s not easy to see what’s going on with Filecoin (FIL) and its poor monthly showing. It did, however, see a more than 100% price spike in late July, so perhaps FIL investors’ August was all about some opportunistic profit taking.

ApeCoin (APE)… the governance and utility token is used within the building and growing Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem – for buying Otherside metaverse land, as one example.

The token is also down nearly 30% after a strong July. Perhaps investors got a bit nervous hearing MTV’s VMA audience jeer Snoop Dogg and Eminem’s recent BAYC-themed performance.

Fans of the token are hoping for some falling-wedge bull/ape action in September, though – see below.



Top 10 gainers and losers in the top 300

Lastly, zooming out a tad, here then, were the top 10 winners and losers from the top 300 cryptos by market cap, with thanks again to CoinGecko…

Source: CoinGecko

Bone ShibaSwap, eh? Well okay, then. Who’d a thunk it’d be the best-performing canine-based meme coin in August, beating out the likes of DogeBonk (DOBO), +51% and Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS) +19%?

Not this columnist, that’s for sure.