A new project being built on Harmony blockchain aims to be a unified platform for all things to do with one of the hottest sectors in crypto: gaming.

Arcade will be a launchpad for new blockchain games, an investment platform offering access to curated vaults of gaming assets, a trading platform for gaming NFTs, and a platform for automated GameFi yield farming.

“Hopefully the launchpad is going be a breeding ground for a lot of promising projects,” the team’s Sydney-based director of communications, Winston Su, told Stockhead last week.

The project has already gained $200,000 in private subscriptions and is holding a token offering this month.

Arcade will let users invest in early-stage projects that have been vetted by Arcade’s experienced team, he said.

“Everyone knows where they want to jump in, but the exit’s unclear, and yet we promote this hodl culture,” Su said.

“It’s not truly an investment strategy; think about it, you wouldn’t use this strategy across any other investment class.

“So essentially, this is structure to make this more like a real-world traditional investment class where there are proper levels, depending on risk/reward, depending on the type of investor.”

It should hopefully prevent people from just jumping into projects and hoping they caught them at the right time and aren’t left with a meaningless project somewhere down the line, he said.

Or as he put it in the press release: “On Arcade, risk is analysed and mitigated. Investments are exited at the right time. Buys are done at the correct time. A good balance of liquid (game tokens) and illiquid (game NFTs) assets are kept. Distribution of profit is done on a regular basis.

“The vaults buy into multiple games for stability. The developers benefit from access to the most dedicated GameFI DAOs available, and will be able to grow with us. The user benefits by simply putting his LOOP token into the vault asset class he is interested in based on analytics and past performance.

“Stable gains are possible, better games are possible, the GameFI community just needs the right environment to make it happen. That’s why we’ve built Arcade.”

There’s a six-person team running Arcade, one that’s a bit older than typical crypto projects, who possess a very strong financial background, Su said.

Arcade will also provide a unified interface to manage all their NFT gaming and metaverse assets in one place, he said.

Why Harmony?

Player1, the project’s pseudonymous leader, told Stockhead from Singapore that the project is launching on Harmony, the No. 63 crypto, because it is multi-chain focused.

“The whole vision for Harmony was to build a more multi-chain ecosystem, and to have cross-border finance, and all that stuff. And low gas fees — it’s very low, less than a cent for most transactions. And of course, the confirmations happen in  just two seconds.

“So it’s really about the alignment with the visions of the blockchain teams.”

The plan is to expand next year to other EVM-compatible blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche.

For more information, read the project’s white paper.

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