Prices for Bored Apes just keep going bananas.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection of 10,000 simian avatars on Monday hit a new all-time high floor price of 77.77 Ethereum (US$247,000), up eight per cent from 24 hours ago and 55 per cent from 30 days ago, according to NFTpricefloor.

For those still unfamiliar with NFTs, the floor price refers to the minimum price for any ape in the collection.  Many apes were selling for much more, with Ape No. 1401 selling yesterday for 400 Ether (US$1.3 million).

That same ape was sold by Christie’s on 28 September 2021 for 5 million Hong Kong dollars (US$641,000).

Earlier today there were also two ape sales for 115  and 119 Ether (US$365,000 and US$383,000), and 12 days ago Ape 3562 sold for 430 Ether (US$1.6 million).

Just before Christmas the project flipped CryptoPunks to become the most valuable NFT avatar collection, at least in terms of floor price. At the time BAYC had a floor of 53.9 Eth, while CryptoPunks were selling for a minimum of 52.7 Ether.

The current floor price of the Punks is 60.95 Ether (US$193,500).