Former Electronic Arts developers have teamed up with digital-identity platform Unstoppable Domains on MetaRides Racing – a blockchain-based multiplayer, metaversal motor racing game.

We’d like to call that an MMMRG, and so we will. Although, that’s unofficial phrasing and something we just made up.

MetaRides is the brainchild of former Need For Speed game makers at EA and is a unique project for a few reasons – one because it’s enabling the transition of experienced traditional, web2 video games creators to the world of web3 games development.

Another standout, however, is the Ready Player One-style cross-world interoperability the game is striving for.

Essentially, the objective is to create an exciting racing experience, using player-owned digital vehicles in the form of NFTs, that are drivable across multiple different existing and developing blockchain metaverse worlds.

According to info supplied to Stockhead, MetaRides is currently collaborating with nearly 60 different metaverse platforms, including Income Island, Frenzland, Beyond Earth, XSpectar, Lunar One, Cyber Realm, EntertainM, XVerse and BloomVerse.

And nope, we’ve not heard of any of those, either. Nevertheless, we most definitely have heard of both EA and Unstoppable Domains, the latter being a well-known, well-established web3 project.


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And where does Unstoppable Domains come in?

Specific NFT vehicles are being developed exclusively for Unstoppable Domains users. Named Zara, the supercars are being released in three body styles, different colours and featuring license plates with Web3 domain names (for example Coinhead.crypto).

Unstoppable Domains users will be able to link their unique digital identities to the vehicle NFTS.

Ahead of the launch, MetaRides will release an open edition mint of 1 million unique, Unstoppable-branded car NFTs, featuring multiple colours and body styles (base, sport and race), as well as an “Unstoppable blue” garage NFT.

‘Next level’ digital ownership and interoperability

An early access version of the game will apparently feature a racing track “set in a vibrant megapolis and its outskirts”, while during the course of development, new tracks and vehicles will be gradually introduced along with multiplayer functionalities.

The latter will include teams, leaderboards, daily challenges an in-game economy, race nights and more.

“By partnering with Web3 industry leader Unstoppable Domains, MetaRides is expanding the scope of what’s possible in the blockchain gaming space,” said Mike Hurm, CEO of MetaRides.

“Blockchain technology is helping us take gaming to the next level, empowering gamers to fully own and freely transfer, sell, or exchange their assets across dozens of interoperable virtual worlds.”

According to our mail, MetaRides will be launching on Steam “imminently”. Which is intriguing, because we had thought the world’s largest digital video games distribution platform was, for the most part, shunning the world of NFTs and web3 gaming.

The developers also plan to significantly expand the list of platforms where the game is available, including Epic Games Store mobile devices.

“MetaRides provides a perfect example of the revolutionary new features that Web3 brings to the gaming world, many of which were simply unfeasible for traditional web2 frameworks,” said Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development, Unstoppable Domains.

“By connecting digital identity with raceable car NFTs, we’re introducing a new way for our community to connect directly with their passions and soon, to bring them across metaverse worlds.”