The cringe rapper and former Forbes contributor implicated in the US$5 billion Bitfinex hack
had a relatively small Ethereum wallet, blockchain records show.

Heather R Morgan had Ethereum wallet 0x014a113a454d1d20e954243e224f33745353c8ac, which had an estimated value of about $40,000, according to

The wallet is definitely Morgan’s because it contains the Ethereum Name Service domain rzk.eth, which was transferred to it on December 31.

Morgan had the domain in her verified Twitter handle and tweeted she had set it up that same day.

The wallet contains 7.44 wrapped Ether (US$23,716) and 1.4 Ether ($4,706), plus two alien frens NFTs worth an estimated 1.8905 Ether (US$12,000) that Morgan bought a little more than a month ago.


Hours after her arrest someone sent Morgan a Doomcat, for reasons that remain murky.