Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi has struck a cringiest music video on the internet since Heather Morgan’s Razzlekhan — and yes, Stockhead is going to inflict it on you.

Her “We’re All Going to Make It” song features crypto sisters rocking out in Central Park to the Twisted Sister anthem, revamped with new lyrics involving catchphrases from the crypto community.

“It’s just the start so gm / Carpe your crypto diem / DYOR and pick a coin / BTD Buy the dip it / Our diamond hands won’t flip it / HODL and we’ll all join

Zuckerberg, 40, struck a defiant, feminist tone after “crypto bros” largely panned the video.

But a number of women in the space said they weren’t fans either.

As Mashable pointed out, this actually isn’t Zuckerberg’s first attempt at a “parody” music video cover promoting crypto. But the previous one got better reviews, despite her risky choice to cover Adele.

Here are the lyrics.

Hello, it’s me
Would you like to learn about exchanging crypto-currency?
We’ll go over … everything
Cause you’ve got coins from different blockchains and want to do some trading
Hello, can you hear me?
A decentralized exchange lets you convert from A to B
Once you pay the …
Gas fee
And no single point of failure means you’ve got sec-ur-ity
There’s such a difference
from Wall Street
And no middleman
Hello, this is DeFiiiiiiiiiii
A way to borrow, sell or buyyyyyyy
Just start by installing some decentralized apps
Like Uniswap, Aave, or Compound perhaps
Hello, this is DeFiiiiiiiiiii
No central bankers need applyyyyy
I’m going all in on this groundbreaking space
Don’t need bankers shoving web2 in my face
Anymore …