Zeotech Limited (ASX: ZEO) is a team of dedicated people, working together to build a future focused company, leveraging proprietary technology for the low-cost production of advanced materials called manufactured zeolites, to deliver solutions aimed at addressing sustainability challenges.

The Company holds a portfolio of intellectual property, patent-pending and trade-secret processes associated with the synthesis of zeolites, alongside product applications that primarily target greenhouse gas mitigation.

In addition, the Company holds in excess of 48,000 hectares of logistically well located high-quality kaolin assets, including a Queensland Government approved Mining Lease.

The combination of proprietary mineral processing technology and high-grade kaolin resources, presents investors with an integrated business model associated with lower cost production of advanced materials, together with targeting climate technology applications.


  • Scott Burkhart, Chief Executive Officer

    Scott joined Zeotech in 2021 and has been a key contributor to driving the Company’s growth and innovation. Scott has a strong background in corporate finance and business development, having worked for over a decade in corporate and institutional banking at Westpac and Commonwealth Bank, receiving the CEO’s Award for his outstanding performance and leadership.

    Scott has a wealth of experience in business strategy, operations, project management, and corporate finance, as well as a deep understanding of industry analysis, and is passionate about sustainability and creating value for Zeotech’s stakeholders.

    Scott holds a Bachelor of Business in Management and Economics from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

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  • Dr. John Vogrin, Head of Projects, Research and Development

    John leads the management of Zeotech’s in-house research and is the lead technical representative for its university research programs.

    John was an Alumina Quality Workshop scholar and completed his PhD thesis on the hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites in industrial processes. He is focused on developing clean technologies to transform clay minerals and mining waste streams into value-added products. His materials characterisation expertise includes XRD, ICP, XRF, FE-SEM, TGA, PSD and Raman spectroscopy.

    John holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. Hons) in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.

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  • Sylvia Tulloch, Non Executive Chairman

    Sylvia is a materials scientist, with many years’ experience in establishment and management of high technology businesses, with a focus on commercialisation, mineral processing technologies and the cleantech sector. Sylvia is an investor in and Director of many start-up companies, has founded and taken 2 companies to ASX listing and held government advisory positions in the start-up, renewable energy, and manufacturing sectors.

    Sylvia is currently the Chairman of the ACT government Renewable Energy Innovation Fund (REIF) Business Advisory Board, Chairman of GRIFFIN Accelerator a product of collaboration between several of Canberra’s innovation-led institutions, including ANU Connect Ventures, ATP Innovations, Australian National University, Australian Capital Ventures Limited and Capital Angels, CollabIT, CSIRO, eGov Cluster, Entry 29, Lighthouse, NICTA and University of Canberra, and has held several state and federal committee appointments.

    Sylvia holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) and Masters in Materials Science (MSc.) from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

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  • Peter Zardo, Managing Director

    Peter joined Zeotech as Chief Operating Officer in April 2020 and was appointed Managing Director in July 2020, after spending more than 16 years in the corporate banking division of the Westpac Group. Prior to joining Zeotech, Peter was a Director of Industry banking, having completed Westpac’s Emerging Leader Program in 2019 and previous to this, spent several years in financial and equity markets.

    Peter is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD) and possesses significant experience in business advisory, project management, corporate finance and agribusiness, having accumulated a vast network of relationships across a number of industries, bringing these connections and expertise to his role.

    Peter has undertaken studies in Applied Science at Charles Sturt University (CSU), Australia and Circular Economy & Sustainability at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS), England.

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