The Calmer Co is a health and wellness company focussing on kava and other natural products that promote calmness, support mind and muscle relaxation and improve sleep.
Products are delivered to consumers as functional beverages, drinking powders, capsules, teas, shots and concentrates under 3 brands, Fiji Kava, Taki Mai and Danodan Hempworks.
The company sells direct to consumers online in Australia, USA, China and the Pacific islands in addition to growing blue chip retail partnerships with Coles, Amazon and
The Calmer Co has recently launched kava shots under its Taki Mai brand into Australian Coles supermarkets. It is the only business exporting green kava shots to international markets.
In addition to kava, the business is developing a CBD division under its Danodan Hempworks brand as a range of organic hemp flower infusions and CBD oils. With its central processing facility based in Navua, The Calmer Co has a supply chain spanning 10 major Fijian provinces and involving more than 10,000 kava farmers.


  • James Dack, Chairman

    James Dack started in the real estate industry as a founding partner in real
    estate agency brands in Australia. He left the real estate industry in 2014 to
    pursue other ventures, and began his own private investment company
    where he has taken a position in many entities including public companies
    listed locally.
    He has experience in the public sector, where he started his career as a
    porter at St Vincent’s Hospital before being responsible for coordinating
    the entire NSW Public Hospital Payroll System in the industrial relations
    division of the Department of Health.

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  • Dr Anthony Noble, Managing Director

    Formerly, C.E.O. Australian Biotherapeutics, Anthony spent more than 10
    years at Soho Flordis International (SFI) which includes Klaire Labs, Prothera
    & Complementary Prescriptions (USA), Ginsana SA (Switzerland), Flordis
    (Australia) and Potters Herbals & Equazen (UK).
    Anthony held the roles of Global Head of Innovation, Global Head of B2B,
    Head of North Asia and Managing Director of SFI Research Pty Ltd, the
    group’s innovation incubator and investment company. Anthony has a PhD
    in Cell Biology and an MBA

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  • Zane Yoshida, Executive Director & Founder

    Zane is an experienced start up entrepreneur launching companies from
    R&D through to commercialisation and scale across Asia, the United
    States, and the Pacific. As the former co founder and Managing Director of
    Styrotex (Asia Pacific), he successfully commercialized innovative
    technology in the plastics packaging industry which he also co patented.

    Zane established a joint venture with a Malaysian public company and
    established companies in Shanghai and Suzhou through strategic
    acquisitions to manufacture products for supply to multinational
    electronics companies throughout China.

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