Optiscan Imaging Ltd (ASX:OIL) is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of confocal endomicroscopic imaging technologies for medical, translational and pre-clinical applications. Our technology enables real-time, non-destructive, 3D, in-vivo digital imaging at the single-cell level.

We are driven by developing technology and its use to give healthcare providers and researchers the highest quality real-time microscopic imaging tools to enable the early detection and management of disease, improve patient outcomes, and reduce the high cost of curative medicine and associated procedures.

Our patent-protected proprietary technology, using specially miniaturised componentry, has created a pen-sized digital microscope, which can be used on any tissue it contacts to produce high resolution digital pathology images for cancer diagnosis and surgical margin detection in real-time. The aim of our technology development is for earlier diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cancerous tumours with expected associated improved patient outcomes.


  • Dr Camile Farah, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

    Camile is a highly accomplished executive, clinician, researcher and academic with 25 years’ experience in the healthcare, biotech and medical research sectors. He has a proven track record in organisational leadership and excellence in the healthcare industry, with expertise in building successful businesses and leading significant digital transformation programs. Camile has held senior leadership and clinical roles in Australian public and private healthcare and academic settings including Australian Clinical Labs, Qscan Radiology Clinics, Fiona Stanley Hospital, University of Western Australia, and University of Queensland. He is a strong advocate for the role of digital pathology in surgical oncology and precision medicine, and continues to drive innovation and product development in clinical practice and industry.

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  • Brendan Fafiani, Chief Operating Officer

    Brendan is an expert in product development and has held several key roles in medical device and digital technology companies. He is the former CEO of Cyban Pty Ltd, where he led the initial commercialisation of a pioneering non-invasive brain oxygen and intracranial pressure monitor, and former Vice President of Product and General Manager at Global Kinetics, where he led the product development of a novel Parkinson’s disease monitor through regulatory clearance and launch into the US, Europe, and APAC. Previously, he held the role of Associate Director Operations within Merck KGaA’s Medical Device Global Business Franchise, where he was responsible for the lifecycle management of a large portfolio of device and digital technologies.

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  • Robert Cooke, Non-Executive Chairman

    Robert is a highly strategic and results focussed private health care leader. With a 40+ year career in the health industry, his experience spans executive leadership of publicly listed and privately owned healthcare companies, and management of private and public hospitals in Australia, Asia and the UK. Robert is the former Managing Director & CEO of Healthscope, one of Australia’s leading private hospital, medical centre and pathology operators between 2010 and 2017.

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