IperionX’s mission is to be a leading developer of US-based sustainable critical mineral and critical material supply chains, to facilitate the global transition towards a closed-loop, low-to-zero carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive green economy.

They have secured an exclusive license to ground-breaking titanium processing technologies that enable the development of a mineral-to-metal, low-carbon, cost-competitive high quality titanium supply chain. These technologies have been proven to be effective means of producing titanium at the pilot scale and have shown the potential to applied to other critical minerals as well.

Their immediate focus is on the commercialization of these proprietary advanced titanium metal manufacturing technologies to re-shore the titanium metal and other critical mineral supply chains in North America, facilitated via a large source of titanium and other critical minerals, including rare earth elements, at our Titan Critical Minerals Project in Tennessee.

This strategy would allow for the substitution of Titanium metal in structural applications providing for closed loop recyclability, longer product lifetimes, and increased product reusability. The goal is to create a domestic U.S. circular, closed loop titanium metal supply chain that would have a focus on environmental sustainability and social equity whilst also providing sustainable, low carbon valuable by-product critical raw minerals including rare earth elements.


Anastasios Arima | CEO and Managing Director

Mr. Arima is a resource company executive with a strong history of identifying company-making resource projects. He was the founder and is a Director of Piedmont Lithium (ASX:PLL) and instrumental in identifying and securing the Piedmont Lithium Project. He has extensive experience in the formation and development of energy and resource projects in North America and Europe. He attended the University of Western Australia where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce whilst studying for a Bachelor of Engineering.

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Todd Hannigan | Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Hannigan has over 25 years of global experience in natural resources as company founder, chief executive officer, private capital investor and non-executive director. In these lead roles Mr. Hannigan has helped build a range of valuable companies in the private and public markets. He is a large shareholder and Non-Executive Director of Piedmont Lithium Limited (Nasdaq/ASX: PLL).

Mr. Hannigan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) from The University of Queensland and a MBA from INSEAD.

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