The VC Land Podcast connects you with some of the leading players in Australia’s growing venture capital (VC) market.

Hosted by news media and PR veteran, CEO of, Justin Kelly, we chat to leading VCs on how to get started, what it takes to build a successful business, how to overcome challenges, and advice for early stage businesses looking for funding.

In this episode, Justin speaks with Bede Moore, the managing partner of Antler. Based in Sydney, Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. It bring together entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build the defining companies of tomorrow.

Antler is the world’s largest early-stage investment platform with in 12 locations across six continents. Antler has invested in over 160 companies globally.

Every year, 50,000 founders across the world want to work with Antler  — including people from diverse careers such as serial entrepreneurs, engineers, product builders, subject matter pros and PhDs.

Bede is a serial entrepreneur who has been building and growing businesses across Australasia since 2011. He has extensive experience founding and leading businesses as they enter new markets and scaling their operations, particularly across the Asia Pacific region.

In this episode, Bede talks through the how the Antler model works; how to establish the origins of a great business; why innovation has flourished through COVID; and the secret sauce to finding great founders.

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