The VC Land Podcast connects you with some of the leading players in Australia’s growing Venture Capital market.

Hosted by media and PR veteran, CEO of Mojo Media Justin Kelly, we chat to leading VCs on how to get started, what it takes to build a successful business, how to overcome challenges, and advice for early stage businesses looking for funding.

In this episode, Justin speaks with Phil Morle, founder and investor at the CSIRO’s venture capital fund, Main Sequence Ventures, a custom-built, ‘deep tech’ fund targeted at finding globally significant, “Google scale” companies.

Before MSV, Phil was the founder of Australia’s first Silicon Valley style incubator, Pollenizer, where he played an instrumental role in developing the startup ecosystem across Asia Pacific and advised some of the world’s biggest organisations on practical ways to deliver new growth and the cultural change that is required to get there.

Main Sequence Venture’s impressive portfolio includes: Coviu, v2food, Lumachain, Inventia, RapidAim, FluroSat, Fivecast, Practera and many more. All the businesses have a scientific core to them and something that has been uniquely discovered by the founders through research.

In this episode, Phil talks through the importance of thinking globally from the start, how VC help can turbo charge a business, the characteristics necessary for great company founders and why the Australian VC market is well placed to survive the global scare of COVID-19.

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