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In this episode, Justin speaks with Craig Cowdrey, co-founder and CEO of Australian safety tech company Sonder. Cowdrey, a former corporate lawyer and diplomat founded the company in 2016 with two ex-Special Forces Officers Chris Marr and Peter Burnheim.

Sonder is an on-demand, around the clock support network, purpose built for the urgent and dynamic needs of our busy lives. Sonder is on a mission to prove no matter where you are or the situation you’re in, there are good people out there with the right skills and desire to help you feel safe.

With a member base of 150,000 across Australia and New Zealand, Sonder offers real time in person support that spans from psychological to physical and from preventative to responsive.

Through its app, Sonder connects workers with an army of on call support, consisting of former emergency responders, to assist with situations of high mental stress through to acute mental crisis and in circumstances ranging from preventative safety through to the risk of physical harm.

In this episode, Cowdrey talks about how the shift to remote working will be a permanent change to the global workforce and takes a broader look at what the future of work looks like.

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