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In this episode, Justin talks with the co-founders of life admin organiser app Eggy.

The brainchild of PhD scientist Kate Morgan and former NRL powerhouse Kirk Reynoldson, Eggy allows users to capture paper documents like receipts, import PDFs and screenshots like recipes, forward email attachments like bills, add doctor’s appointments, children’s swimming lessons and weddings to their calendar, share to-do lists with others in the household, get reminders to pay the car rego, and more.

Eggy is an app that helps you manage all your life admin in the one place. After starting development of Eggy in 2019 and spending three months working with Suncorp in Brisbane, the first version of Eggy was released in 2020.

Team Eggy is based on the Gold Coast with the support of a huge community of stakeholders from all over the world, who all want Eggy to make managing life admin easier.

In this episode, Kirk and Kate talk about how the business began; how it’s evolved; the journey to fund and scale the business; the growing community of Eggy users across the world and their big plans for the future.

Tune in below.