The Unicorns Podcast connects you to some of the best and brightest. On this episode CEO of Mojo Media Justin Kelly interviews Richard Poole, CEO of Sydney based Verdant, Arthur Phillip & ASX listed REZ.

Hosted by media and PR veteran and CEO of Mojo Media, Justin Kelly, we chat to leaders on the front line on how to get started, what it takes to build a successful business, how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey.

In this instalment, Justin speaks with Richard Poole, the CEO of Sydney based Verdant Earth Technologies Limited. Richard Poole is a well established business leader starting as a stock broker in 1985. Since then he has had a long career spanning many roles including Executive Chairman of Sydney based Arthur Phillip & Director of ASX listed REZ.

Under Richard’s leadership Verdant is looking to become the first Australian clean tech energy brokerto debut on the United States NASDAQ.

Verdant Technologies’ goal is to become the largest hydrogen producer and exporter on Australia’s east coast. The company’s Monarch green hydrogen plant is proposed to be located at Redbank – just over 2 hours out of Sydney. Australia’s first scalable hydrogen production plant, will initially deliver 6.5 tonnes per day before being scaled up to 60 tonnes per day by 2024. Verdant plans to establish further similar sized hydrogen production plants within Australia.

Tune in below to hear more from Verdant’s Richard Poole about their pathway to listing on America’s NASDAQ, the timetable for activity, the future of green energy in Australia and the United States and how hydrogen is going to breathe new life into its Hunter Valley facility located just outside Sydney