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Host Justin Kelly, former broadcast journalist and PR veteran, chats with leaders from across Australia and internationally on business strategy; what it takes to build a successful company; how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey.

In this episode, Justin talks with Gemma Lloyd, founder and CEO of WORK180.

The Australian workplace has changed immeasurably over the last decade. We’ve seen the rise of working from home for many organisations along with a new level of empathy as managers sought to support teams juggling home-schooling, illness and caring along with work.

Hybrid work has become the norm and many jobs are now advertised as being completely flexible meaning employers are open to part-time roles, job share, in the office attendance or working from home. It’s a new world.

Gemma Lloyd is the founder and CEO of WORK180 – a diversity and inclusion jobs platform with a mission to raise organisational standards so that all women can choose workplaces where they can thrive. She’s been a close observer of this change and a key partner for employers looking to take action to attract and retain female employees.

Gemma started WORK180 with business partner Valeria Ignatieva in 2015 to flip things 180 degrees – instead of a potential employee presenting their credentials to a company, the onus is on the company to present theirs to the potential employee.

It’s a strategy that’s paying off with the company signing some of Australia’s biggest companies including Transurban, CSL, Liberty Financial and OZ Minerals.

Tune in below!