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Host Justin Kelly, former broadcast journalist and PR veteran, chats with leaders from across Australia and internationally on business strategy; what it takes to build a successful company; how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey.

In this episode, Justin talks with Cate Hull, Founder and CEO of online freight management tech platform Freight Exchange.

A true industry first, FreightExchange was founded in 2014 and is changing the way businesses ship. Responding to rigorous research conducted into hundreds of members of the Australian freight community, founder Cate Hull could see the need to develop an online platform where carriers could sell unused space to shippers. In turn, shippers would have access to a real-time quoting and tracking system with significantly reduced prices.

Born from the need for a better, simpler and less time-consuming freight management system, this innovative platform has since transformed the Australian freight industry, empowering both shippers and carriers to reduce waste and inefficiency, improve customer service, and bolster their bottom line. Cate is supported by a dedicated team of innovators, technology experts, and data analytics and service professionals.

In 2023, the company retains the same pioneering spirit, and remains driven by the desire to benefit its carrier network and customers by empowering win-win collaborations, and by supporting the freight industry at large.